I ruined someone’s life again!💔 : problemgambling

It’s 6:00 am I couldn’t sleep never..

My soulmate… Someone very special to me who lost all the money from fucking gambling and he had stoped gambling for a week and gave me his account and i changed the password everything under my control !! Perfect right !!

The big bomb 💣!!!

Before yesterday he sold his camera which he loves so much, he convinced me that he could return a certain amount of money that he lost and unfortunately he convinced me !!! And i gave him the new fucking password for the account and he lost everything again lost all the money he had again!!! I am only responsible for this loss .. for his bad mood .. for everything bad he feels now because of me.. i don’t know why I did this Maybe because I didn’t see his smile and his passion for life for almost 20 days after he lost the largest amount of money. I really don’t know whyyyyy 💔💔💔 there is something that takes my soul out of me i couldn’t accept myself again i can never forgive myself 💔💔

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