Walk in Memory/Walk for Hope – September 14, 2019

Walk in Memory/Walk for Hope – September 14, 2019

Walk in Memory/Walk for Hope- Sept 14, 2019 7:30AM, Bob Miller Middle School, 2400 Cozy Circle, Henderson, Nevada

Lanie's Hope Team Walks in Hope

Lanie’s Hope Walk Team

Lanie’s Hope’s proudly supports the Walk in Memory/Walk for Hope.  We walk to remember those who have been lost to suicide, to honor the family members and survivors, and to shine a light of hope for those who may be considering suicide. Compulsive Gamblers have the HIGHEST suicide rate of any group, with 1 in 5 compulsive gamblers considering or attempting suicide.

In 2014, the walk  was dedicated to raising awareness of  gambling addiction and suicide.  I was honored and humbled to serve as the keynote speaker. I made a promise to myself and to God to spend my life raising awareness of the social issues surrounding problem gambling. I would do ANYTHING within my power to prevent just one death due to a gambling related suicide. Lanie’s Hope’s website gets more “hits” on the topic of “suicide” than any other topic. Compulsive gamblers who are struggling are reaching out for help. Suicide is obviously on the minds of too many compulsive gamblers! Won’t you please walk with us this year, and raise awareness of gambling addiction and suicide.

I invite each of you to walk with us on Saturday, September 15, 2018, as we take suicide and gambling addiction out of the darkness and into the light.


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