Day 7! Almost gave in.. : problemgambling

Made it a week and almost gave into the urge last night. Received an email that the self exclusion period has ended on one of the online casino that I have forgotten to unsubscribe/block. Logged in and just about to make a deposit but stopped myself and quickly self excluded for another 30 days as that was the quickest option to not have access to my account. I believed what really helped me was reading the stories in this community as a reminder of the overwhelming shitty guilt feeling that I’ve experienced many times after making multiple deposits (Even though you tell yourself beforehand that it’s just going to be one deposit) and losing all your money and control. What also helped was the daily updates that I post here. Keeping myself accountable to at least make it a week and not wanting to write “Day 1” again. I like to say a big thanks to everyone in this community who shared their stories which definitely isn’t easy to do and for providing support to one another which is awesome and amazing to see and reminds each of us that we are not alone in this hell of a struggle. Now focusing on making it to Day 8 and making it to two weeks!

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