Day 1

Ive always been a gambler, I like the pokies/slots and horse racing. I have always been pretty good at staying within my limits but in saying that I break them quite often. I have my moments where say 3 months im really bad and cant control myself but the next 3 months im really good at not thinking about it. I gamble alot when im stressed and as a parent and a small business owner that is most of the time.

During COVID in Australia I toned it down due to being scared that our cash flow will dry up but as soon as money started flowing back in I started again and I went really well. Over 6 months my profit was just over $55,000. We paid all of our debt, injected a fair bit into my business and expanded so now we have more money coming in. Bought things for our child, done things to the house. Right now we are debt free. Might sound good but we are only in this position because of my gambling and thats the worst part. Right now we are sitting on about 4k in the bank but last week that was 6k and the week before it was 10k and you see where im going with this.

My great gambling run has well and truly come to an end and im having a really hard time coming to terms with that. Right now im averaging 1-2k per week on gambling and while my wage supports this it doesnt leave any wiggle room.

Its time to stop, not just calm down. I have installed betblocker on all of my devices and have banned myself from the local club.

I dont want to stop, but at the moment I need to. I really dont want to undo all of the hard work ive done over the last 6 months. I have come accustomed to having money in the bank.

Stay posted

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