cant take this anymore : problemgambling

I have tried to stop gambling and just havent been able to stop. After a short break I won a large bet the other day and was feeling good but knowing deep down i fucked up. I lost that money and then sold my tv and ps4 to win some money back and have lost that too. I have zero dollars in my bank account i gambled every last cent.

I dont think i can keep going with life only thing keeping me together is that im 22 and still have a long life to live and beat this addiction but looking into the future it looks dark for me being so addicted im really struggling and dont know what to do i still havent told anyone i am asian and my parents are very strict and hate gambling they would be very angry if they find out what i have done.

I physically cant stop gambling and cant even sleep anymore i feel so guilty i wish i was dead so all of this would go away looking at my bank account makes me want to jump infront of a train im so hurt

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