Crypto madness : problemgambling

So recently I fell into the herd mentality of buying into crypto again and dropped 12.8K back early this year. Today I decided to get out while I could up 900. Made around 7% return on my money in less then a month. Decent return I’d say. As part of being a customer of Visible I got a $100 credit via a virtual MasterCard. This I put towards 375 shares of XLM ( stellar ) which I’ve decided to hold on my ledger nano. I don’t mind losing this 100 because it’s free money but I’d rather not risk 12.8K on crypto considering it’s such a volatile market. And honestly if ETH blows up and ends up going to 10K or something crazy like I won’t be mad. In the past I already lost close to 40K in crypto but most of it was due to gambling with it on online poker and roulette. Had I held on to all the crypto I purchased back then it would’ve been worth 100K+. Not to say it could’ve gone the other way.

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