Relapsed through the week : problemgambling

Second time post (Lost log in to my first account) 20 Year Old male/Student

A bit of rant post just like to get off my chest/share my story

I’ve been struggling to stop betting Consistently for a while now and would love some tips on how to stop in the longer run. I go on certain breaks from a few weeks but than come back and Bet every single day for 1-2 weeks

I deposited 320 Two weeks ago into an account and have been going up and down on ESports/Sports betting for 2 weeks, betting every single day. I went as high as 7000 and for some reason taught I’d need to hit 10,000. Ended up going cold loosing a bunch of bets and being left with 2000 before realizing enough is enough and withdraw it. I just can’t get over the fact that I could have had much more than what I have now . The 2000 will help however by paying off the small credit card payments (350) that I have and as well paying back some money I borrowed for an investment (Sport cards) so leaves me with about 1350 in my bank as I have recently invested all my money I had, about 10,000 dollars, in Basketball card boxes that I plan on selling In May-July (Done this 3 times already with success)

What I’ve realized and hate my self for and is all the time I’ve wasted now not focusing on school and my sport (University football) I go into these Binges and it’s really hard to be honest with my parents and even the consular I speak too (About other stuff than gambling to that it helps). I would love advice on not just being down for what I’ve lost but instead trying to be happy with what I have. I don’t have any immediate bills right now, will have a bit of money in my bank and have a nice investment/Summer job lined up.

I just can’t shake the fact that I lost so much Time and previous gambling losses just are so heavy on my mind, makes me think I need to chase even through I know it’s not the solution, just need advice on how to stop longer term and how to Upses less over money

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