Slot YouTuber”s triggered me and I relapsed badly : problemgambling

I know im not the only one that watches slot you tubers right?It seems like i watch these youtubers to lessen the chance of me going to spend my money by watching these rich slot youtubers like lady luck hq and ng slots play.Usually it helps but I recently was watching a NG stream and he was winning big and im like dang that could be me,so i ended up going to the casino,I spent 3000$ and at one point i was up 1000$ but then lost it at the tables then i put 1500$ into diamond queen and got a handpay but wasn’t satisfied,im lucky i had my friend with me to tell me lets go so I ultimately lost 1200$,which i know isn’t alot to most on here.I also get triggered by watching people give these youtubers like bc slots so much free money its so annoying i mean the dude doesn’t need money he’s already ranting sorry

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