Advice on Retirement Accounts : problemgambling

How do all of you handle retirement accounts or the stock market? My company is offering ESPP this year and I’m torn on whether I should be participating. I’ve been a problem gambler all my life (clean since December 2019) and have tried to stay away from the temptations.

I have never been tempted by the stock market since I don’t know very much about it, but from everything I’ve read it’s essentially gambling. Taking risks on stock you’re hoping will hit big. However there’s another side where you’re safely contributing to 401ks or roth IRA’s each week to slowly grow your wealth.

Would any of you consider it gambling to take part in programs like ESPP, 401k’s through your company, etc.? For me personally I don’t see this as a threat since I’ve never been interested but wanted to get some outside opinions. Thank you.

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