Day 1 tomorrow, let’s talk. : problemgambling

Just lost 4K on an online gambling site that possibly got me restarting back on my life.

I have a business that generates good income,

it all started when I stepped into a casino, road there was long which eventually got me turning to online gambling, lost about 30k initially which wasn’t such a huge deal at that time, and eventually won 320k from racking up BlackJack, lost it all within hours later thinking I could hit a million..

Tried to chase that high and winnings back and eventually lost all my savings.

No one knows about this and I’m trying daily but failed by going back and doing 2-3k bets with whatever I have left.

Today is the day I end it all.

No more bets.

Tomorrow is day 1 saying “no” to the demons inside me.

Tomorrow is day 1 of saying I’m never gonna be that lucky every time and stop it once and for all.

Anyone had that huge loss and face this issue too?

Let’s talk about it.

I’m from Asia.

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