Day Three : problemgambling

Just thought I’d check in. I seem to be on and off this forum. I am doing well, focusing on more important things and slowly paying off debt. The one thing that use to drive essentially anyone to gamble but now that I am thankful for is having money in my account. Regardless of how little it may be, it feels good to still have that pathetically small amount still remaining when I wake up in the morning. There is no worse feeling than waking up two or three days after payday, with -$250 in your account. Luckily a lot of my bills are scheduled to come on my payday, or else i don’t know what would have happened if I relapsed and didn’t leave myself anything to survive for the next two weeks.

When you start to acknowledge where you stand financially, it seems to get worse at first, but I am going to stay persistent and continue on until it gets better.

Have a great day everyone, cheers.

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