Forgot to cover myself again. $AMC broke me.. : problemgambling

All my friends and even my brother was telling me it was a sure thing. I used my check to buy some stock and kept adding using bank transfers thinking it was gonna go up and nothing would be an issue. Ameritrade blocked my bank and today when I logged on to send the margin call they liquidated my stock at its lowest. Lost 890$ I could have got the PS5 I wanted or even fixed my other car. Fucking hate myself. I got in early too doubled up and got greedy. I hate myself. I hate the way I think. All I want to do is not be poor and i feel like for people like me, an unskilled worker that’ll never happen. I have a meeting with my gambling counselor today and hes proud of how good I’ve been but today itll be a letdown. I should have quit while I was ahead. I dont blame WSB I blame the fuckers who basically made it a no win scenario for people like me. I’m so depressed now.

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