I think I need help : problemgambling

First time posting. I love sports. I always have. Been an athlete all my life and I’m naturally competitive. I started gambling after college and little by little it’s consumed me more and more. To the point where my family and friends know about it and it’s a joke. “What game is [my name] betting on tonight?”

My happiness is completely tied to gambling and it’s taken the joy out of just watching sports because I feel like I need to be in on the action or it’s no fun. Thankfully I’m a smaller dollar bettor, probably 10-12 bets of $20 per week and I am gainfully employed so it hasn’t impacted my finances all that much. All in all over the last 2 years I’ve probably lost $1k.

That said, my wife and I want to buy a bigger home and have kids and I know what I’m doing isn’t healthy for me to do or maintainable in the long run. I don’t know if I need to go cold turkey, but I need a way to constrain myself from unlimited gambling. I’m wondering if this has worked for anyone? If so how did you do it?

Any tips you all have would be appreciated. To start, I already locked all my accounts for 30 days (I bet on the super bowl already so nothing I can do there unfortunately) and pulled out the money I had.


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