It’s time to swallow my pride.. : problemgambling

Been lurking here for a while, but I’m at the point where I can no longer avoid the inevitable.. I got covid a couple months back and while quarantined went on one of the worse sports gambling runs possible.. losing at a 75% rate and doubling down every time. Sports gambling started as a thing for fun, turned into something I constantly felt jaded to be good at/smart about, and it has spiraled to where I feel I need to gamble to survive financially. I’ve had a near problem for years and now it’s clearly an addiction. Financially, I’ve ruined myself maxing credit cards, taking a loan, etc. I’m lucky enough to have well off parents that I know will help me bail out as long as I am getting help. I’ve never been a disappointment to them before so this will be a really tough pill to swallow. It’s what has to be done and I know it will be okay in the long run. Thank you for reading me vent if you’ve come this far. Hopefully in the future I can be on the other side trying to help others in a space that I think is only going to get worse with the current mass legalization across the country. Cheers

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