You don’t need the stress : problemgambling

People use gambling as an escape from reality. It can seem therapeutic during winning phases. You chilled for an hour and made some money in the process. How good? It releases positive enforcement like winning a fight. However end up on the other side of the coin of losing and bad decision making can take over in chasing being a winner. Against a losing game this can be incredibly stressful. You have two options leave a loser or have another shot to leave a winner. It seems the second is logical but escaping from the trap it’s not. The best stop is now no matter what position.

Gambling is not only stressful to undertake the process but recovering losses and the time lost is priceless. Gambling makes you think it’s only money but it’s really not. People are put behind 5 years of life from debt caused from gambling. That’s not just someone’s money but their life. Anyway, say no to gambling today you don’t need the stress.

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