Dumb Relapse.

Went five and a half days completely bet free. Time seemed to go by quickly and i was making decent progress in my mind. Pay day wednesday and i didnt bet all day! However, on friday at work i was extremely bored and deposited 50$ onto a sports betting site. Lost obviously, fast forward to now and ive blown 80% of the paycheck i made in a stupid lapse in my memory of how bad this feels.

I managed to pay $200 off my 4k debt (should have been about $800), however i now only have $100 until im paid next. Yay another 4 days of stress. Every time i mess up like this im pushing the time it'll take me to pay off my debt by another week.

Step 1 for me is making it 4 weeks gambling free to pay this debt. Crazy how i cannot trust myself after a week gambling free to continue. Back to day 1.

submitted by /u/willsbettoomuch

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