Day 100 – I actually made it!!! : problemgambling

WOO, I made it too 100 days without placing a cent on any type of gambling. No poker, no slots, no sports betting and most importantly no horse betting!

I wanted to share my experience from taking this stance and removing myself from my addiction:

The first 30 days were by far the toughest, as I had every urge to try and win back my losses. But with the help of my partner, and the strength of mind to hold off my urges, I got through this time. With this first milestone, it gave me the confidence I needed to stick and stay true to my soberity goals.

The next 70 days went and passed, and I had very few days where I had urges to bet (some days worse than others) but this community and these milestones have really helped in keeping me on the right track and to a better life.

I encourage everyone to write and share about these experiences, as talking to other people in a similar situation and placing goals on yourself can really change your outlook on gambling and your own potential in the future.

So thanks again for this wonderful community. Here is too another 100 days!

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